Whether eating out or cooking at home, Vegan Osaka
everyone fits their lifestyle
I believe you should have a choice.
We do not use any preservatives, here in Japan,
And we offer handmade plant foods made here in Osaka.
All products are made from high quality materials,
You can easily prepare it at a restaurant or at home.

We do not compromise on taste,
While making it easy to try plant-based foods,
We aim to contribute to the improvement of people's health.
While everyone enriches their lifestyle,
that will have a positive impact on the future climate and environment
I hope you can make small changes.

No need to feel guilty about cheat days!

Food is meant to be enjoyed.
Among those who have switched to a vegan lifestyle,
Some struggle to keep it up.
I want you to taste it when you miss what you used to eat,
We offer food products such as plant-based meats, cheeses, desserts and snacks.
Plant-based foods aren't strictly vegan only.
VEGAN OSAKA products are suitable for people who:

- Those transitioning to a vegan lifestyle
- Those who want to try a meatless diet
- Those who are allergic to dairy products or other allergens
- If you want a healthier alternative to eat for your family

All of our products are dairy and meat free.
Some products contain nuts and gluten and are labeled as allergens.